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[ OOC ] Canon vs Camp-Canon Information

I mentioned in my SotU for Kida that he's been canon updated, sort of, but I never really went into the specifics of what he does and doesn't know. Pie and I partially threaded it out here but we're both too assed to finish it so instead we discussed what/how Izaya would tell Kida. I'm laying out what Kida knows or rather thinks he knows as a result because a lot of it is super skewed from what happens in canon. LIKE A LOT. Durarara!! is all about miscommunication/complete lack of communication though so I thought this was fitting.

- Canon: Kida retook the position of head of Yellow Scarves in order to hunt down the Slasher that hurt Anri.
- Camp-Canon: Kida retook the position of head of Yellow Scarves to protect Anri and Mikado from Dollars, which attacked Anri. Except Mikado turned out to be the leader of Dollars what.

- Canon: A gang war starts up between Dollars and Yellow Scarves, though neither leader really means for a war to start up. Reason is because Yellow Scarves is full of rowdy former-Blue Square members who think the Slasher is in Dollars.
- Camp-Canon: A gang war starts up between Dollars, Yellow Scarves, and Blue Square. It's an active war, with each leader actively leading it. Reason is over Anri, though specifics are hazy.

- Canon: The war ends when Blue Square infiltrates Yellow Scarves from the inside, takes over, then threatens to take out Mikado as the leader of Dollars, forcing Kida to confront them.
- Camp-Canon: The war ends when Blue Square and Dollars team up against Yellow Scarves. Reasons for their alliance are unknown.

- Canon: Kida leaves Ikebukuro with Saki because he's scared to face Mikado/Anri after having them find out he's head of Yellow Scarves. ESCAPISM YEAH.
- Camp-Canon: Kida takes Saki with him when Yellow Scarves loses the gang war. ESCAPING YEAH.

- Canon: Kida is scared to go back because he thinks Mikado and Anri will be disappointed in him. Or mad at him. Or something.
- Camp-Canon: Kida is scared to go back because he thinks Mikado outright hates him. THEY HAD A WAR. Also Anri took Mikado's side over being neutral.

- Canon: Mikado and Aoba come to know each other because Aoba creeps on him a lot then blackmails him into becoming the leader of Blue Square when Dollars goes all crazy.
- Camp-Canon: Mikado and Aoba come to know each other because their gangs are teamed up post-victory over Yellow Scarves.

Canon facts that Kida knows:
+ Kida and Saki work for Izaya after leaving Ikebukuro
+ Mikado's the leader of Dollars
+ Aoba is a member of Blue Square, but joined after Kida left
+ Namie works for Izaya, but doesn't know why

Canon facts that Kida doesn't know:
+ Anri is the Slasher/Saika
+ Slasher/Saika's involvement in this whole thing overall
+ ... The general truth, geez.

AS A NOTE Kida realizes a lot of this doesn't make sense. A lot of the misunderstanding is because Izaya's a dick and won't tell him anything directly, so Kida had to kind of fumble for an answer, but he does know Izaya doesn't actually lie so bits and pieces of this info has to be sure. He is just not sure which.
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