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[ OOC ] SotU for Kida

I SWEAR THIS IS THE LAST TIME I'LL SPAM THE NETWORK THIS WEEK I just wanted to get a link compilation somewhere and a SotU up for Kida while he is uh. Indisposed.

OKAY SO.... I am venturing into new territory with Kida. I AM TERRIFIED because I've never actually done something super traumatic to my characters and someone tell me if I completely screw things up okay :(

So Kida's technically been canon updated to... end of anime, if not partway into novels (Izaya and I are still working on our thread), but he's also learned all of this information secondhand through Izaya rather than living it himself. It changes the way he'll be reacting to it and how he'll be interacting with other people he knows in camp, for the better I think.

Let me go into how all of this came around first though.

IN THE BEGINNING, Kida gets bitten by Shahzhrd... Shaza-chan during the whole VAMPIRES BE CRAZY event. Having a super cute girl suddenly turn into a vampire and BITE HIM does really scare him, particularly because oh god what else could be lurking around camp, but he doesn't blame her for it. She tried to give him a way out! He was just dumb and concerned and didn't want her running off and killing someone else and feeling bad about it so he offered himself. And then Itachi had to save him. BUT he's still not mad at her over it because Shaza-chan couldn't control herself. :<

Immediately after that thread comes this post where Kida tries to sneak back into the cafe all subtly and fails horribly. Just about everyone in the cafe catches him and he kind of 'haha it doesn't hurt plz don't try to hunt down shaza-chan' in response and that settles the matter with most of them. With Mikado though he is kind of extra clingy because as much as he isn't mad at Shaza-chan he is still super scared about what happened and Mikado is a happy safe zone. They kind of have a moment and hormones and they both reach this kind of non-spoken mutual agreement that they are Kind Of Gay for each other. Enough to joke about letting Kazuki walk in on them someday.

Aaaabout a week later this post happens. What this one stems from is that, sometime around when Aoba first comes to camp, Kida learns that Aoba is familiar with Mikado but not himself. Which is really weird because they're always together, but he feels awkward asking Aoba about it. Mostly because he doesn't think Aoba would know why Kida's not around. So Kida decides to be Smart and go ask Izaya, who he suspects of being from the future too because of some other threads they've had together. And then Izaya dicks at him a bunch and we're still working on the thread BUT THE END RESULT is that Kida knows spoilers up to the end of the anime. He doesn't know the details though, like the EXACT reason why he rejoined Yellow Scarves and such, but he does leave the conversation with this whole feeling of "I lost my best friend." Which is a super sucky feeling and has him pretty depressed, enough to kind of hide in his room for a day or two.

AT THE SAME TIME KIDA IS GETTING SPOILERED BY IZAYA, Mikado is getting badtouched by Aoba. Kida does not know about this thread, but as a result of their talk, Mikado hasn't been around the cafe for a few days. Kida hasn't actually noticed this because he's been busy trying to avoid Mikado too while he tries to sort out his thoughts.

The hurt and betrayal feelings that Kida feels in canon aren't really applicable here in camp. It's really different hearing about something as compared to experiencing it! He actually thinks the him in that future is kind of dumb for rejoining Yellow Scarves and getting into a fight against Dollars and Mikado. What he is experiencing that he did in canon is this extreme confusion and feeling of being lost over what to do. In canon, Kida has no one he feels comfortable with talking about how helpless he feels. In camp, it's more like Kida's scared to death of messing things up when he goes back home, so he's going to be actively trying to talk with people he trusts about how he can change things. Except... at the moment the only person he feels comfortable talking about that side of his life is Itachi. He's still trying really hard to keep everyone in camp from knowing about the darker parts of his life and Itachi's about the only person he's ever really talked seriously with. SO EVENTUALLY Kida is coming to babble incoherently at you Itachi.

So, mostly Kida's thoughts are centered on how to change the future. While Izaya and Aoba are kind of living proof that his future turns out one way, Kida really doesn't want to accept a future where he and Mikado aren't together. Are possibly not even friends anymore! So his plan is to try and figure out how to change the future, whether through talking to Mikado or Anri (though he's super scared that by telling them he'll scare them away from himself), writing himself notes, NINJA TRAINING, whatever, just some way to make it so that things change.

However, Kida knows that if he just hides out in his room all day, people will probably notice. It's also not as easy to slip away and sadface for a while in camp as it is back home. So he does leave the cabin and forces himself to talk with other people, except not about his problems but dumb things. ... Like driving a crane.

Whiiich is how this thread and consequently this post come around. FOR THE RECORD, THAT WAS COMPLETELY UNPLANNED. Kazuki was apparently having ~feelings~ too but they're winners and decided to do something unrelated so they wouldn't have to think about their feelings. And that kind of backfired on them so now they're stuck dead during death week yaaay.

As for what happens after this... I'm not actually sure! Kida's mental place before he died was at somewhere where he wanted to change things back home, but he's too scared to make a move. He's also not sure of who he can talk to about this because he's still completely uncomfortable with talking about his past with people. So he's kind of... stuck in this place where he wants to do something but he's also holding himself back from actually doing anything.

... Yeah. TELL ME IF SOMETHING SEEMS WEIRD I am flying by the seat of my pants here ahh \o\
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