Kida Masaomi (紀田正臣) (whatakida) wrote,
Kida Masaomi (紀田正臣)

Christmas 2010 Gift List Meme

Comment here for gifts from Cooro and Kida!

Cooro is likely to give everyone he's talked to a homemade candied apple, but those who have known him longer/better will be getting handcrafted gifts.

Odds are Kida will give you a candy cane with a handwritten note if you're a boy and a candy cane with chocolate kisses tied to it if you're a girl. Each of these'll be a little customized in some way to suit the person he's giving it to. Those who know him better will get individual presents o7

Mikado: An expensive new messenger bag, big enough to fit his laptop if need be. Inside are a bunch of chocolate Kisses, candy canes, and buried in the bottom is one of the silver bracelets that Kida always wears.
Anri: A little photo album with pictures of Anri, Kida, and Mikado in camp in it. Most of the pictures are ones he got from Hitagi. Tied to it is the other of the silver bracelets that Kida always wears.
Kazuhiko and Oruha: Matching '#1 Hottest Mom' and '#1 Deadbeat Dad' mugs. There's also a little hot cocoa set for them to share.
Banjou: This T-shirt and a simple yellow bandanna with a note saying "I'll explain." Also a box of bright pink bandages.
Bekku: A small box of tiny cute hair accessories. Also a little yellow bandanna with a note saying "Ask Banjou" on it.

Hitagi:A keychain charm in the shape of a stapler! ... it's actually a real stapler with the tiniest staples in the world. Also Candy cane+Kisses.
Taiga: Candy cane+Kisses tied around the neck of a little tiger beanie baby.
Shinya: Candy cane+Kisses tied around the neck of a little bear beanie baby.
Ouka: Candy cane+Kisses. Also a CD with a bunch of bootlegged medical textbooks burned onto it!
Shaz: Candy cane+Kisses tied to a simple handmade friendship bracelet that purple, blue, and yellow.
Nico Robin: Candy cane+Kisses. Her candy cane has a tiny hat that looks like hers glued to the top.
Kagura: Candy cane+Kisses tied around the neck of a beanie baby that looks like her dog.
Namie: Candy cane+Kisses. Also a super nice pen.

Itachi: A voodoo ninja cell phone charm tied to a candycane. Handmade using a guide he found online, so it's designed to look like Itachi.
Kazuki: A baseball bat! Which is actually hollow and filled with candy.
Teito: A candy cane tied to a wristlet that reads "Mr. Teito" on it.
Mikage: A candy cane tied to wristlet that reads "Mrs. Teito" on it. Also a container of boot polish, a few chewtoys for his pets, and a couple packs of hot cocoa mix to share with Teito.
Nowaki: This medicine cell phone charm, along with two candy canes and a hot cocoa mix set for him to share with Hiroki.
Izaya: A super generic Christmas card. As in all Kida wrote in it is Izaya's name and his name.
Shizuo: A candy cane with a mini bowtie tied around the middle.
Aoba: A blue candy cane. 8|a
Chitose: A candy cane tied to a keychain charm shaped like a snowflake.

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