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Player History Meme

... Wow I haven't done this meme in forever.

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Kuzco from "The Emperor's New Groove" (notforriding)

App Percentage: 95.7%
Played From: October 2006 to June 2007
That's How Long? 8 months
Total Comments: 2,708
Overall Percentage: 4.83%
Reason For Apping/Dropping: Hisoka had been telling me for months about this weird game with zombies and summer camps and something and I didn't really have the time/energy to play there. Plus I'd never actually RP'd canon characters before. But EVENTUALLY she managed to convince me to app, so I decided to look for a super strong voice to play and while looking for canons The Emperor's New Groove came on and. And yeah. The reason why I dropped him was because I'd lost that voice; a pattern you'll see with my drops is that, more often than not, I'll drop the character if I lose the voice.
Select Option 3? ... I know Ningen still calls me Llama Llama and I love it.

Uesugi Tatsuha from "Gravitation" (graspingnittles)

App Percentage: 94.8%
Played From: November 2006 to August 2008
That's How Long? 1 year, 9 months
Total Comments: 7,376
Overall Percentage: 13.16%
Reason For Apping/Dropping: So Pinky/Shuichi was another player I'd known from before CFUD. She got in with Shuichi the same round that I got in with Kuzco and I'd been harassing her with Kuzco and felt this was clearly not enough. I owned Gravi at the time and decided to skim through it and Tatsuha was a voice I knew I loved/could play. This was also my first last-minute app, I know I was working on it through apps being open but can't remember when I submitted it, so here starts my horrible legacy for last minute apping. :|a As for dropping, this was more of a case of lost CR/lack of playing him than a loss of voice. I get all nghhhhfkdjsl when I don't have any strong CR for a character and will usually drop them if that becomes the case.
Select Option 3? STILL LOVE HARASSING SHUICHI across two characters even. I also still ship Tatsuha/Hiro where is my remix for this!!

Randy "Ryo" Maclean from "FAKE" (safetystayson)

App Percentage: 95.8%
Played From: December 2006 to January 2009
That's How Long? 2 year, 1 month
Total Comments: 5,881
Overall Percentage: 10.50%
Reason For Apping/Dropping: ... I think apping was slowly becoming an addiction around this time. Also I wanted someone nice to counterbalance how dicky Tatsuha and Kuzco were. We had a Dee and Bikky in camp who were super amazing and I remembered reading the canon the longest time ago and decided to reread it. Then decided to app Ryo! And ninja Dee/Bikky in the process. Ryo was dropped because I was forgetting to play him and Dee deserved a more active Ryo. He still does. :(
Select Option 3? I got to really know Dee's player through apping Ryo and I am so glad for it. ♥ Also playing Ryo from the canon point that I did was super fun, even if it was all because I didn't have a certain volume when I apped him. 8D;

Kaitani Riku from "Eyeshield 21" (ballwrangler)

App Percentage: 83.9%
Played From: February 2007 to October 2007
That's How Long? Eight months
Total Comments: 1,704
Overall Percentage: 3.04%
Reason For Apping/Dropping: At the time, we had a super amazing Eyeshield cast that I wanted to join. I think Dee was partially to blame for this, I can't remember. But anyway Rikkun was the character to ping me because he was so tiny and determined and a cowboy and I had to have him. I dropped him for voice; I had problems with his voice just from writing the app and never could get past them into a comfort place with the character, so I decided to let him go.
Select Option 3? I picked up my love for white space and CREATIVELY CROPPING from doing Rikkun's icons.

Dino from "Katekyo Hitman Reborn!" (sowhipped)

App Percentage: 94.6%
Played From: May 2007 to October 2008
That's How Long? One year, five months
Total Comments: 5,611
Overall Percentage: 10.01%
Reason For Apping/Dropping: I BELIEVE Gokudera had just gotten in and pimped the canon, so I decided to read it because MAFIA BABIES and fell in love. I love dumb cracky stuff and the daily life arc was fun for me to read, but I wasn't really pinged by anyone until I got to Dino. I had to have the failboss. So I apped him and had the time of my life playing in a huge cast that I loved. When I dropped him, it was mostly due to loss of interest; I'd had a bunch of other characters that I was enjoying more and it didn't seem right to keep such a great character on the backburner, so I let him go.
Select Option 3? DINO'S ICONS ARE STILL MY FAVORITE also I loved his mafiaponies

Terazuma Hajime from "Yami no Matsuei" (defaultedtogay)

App Percentage: 91.5%
Played From: July 2007 to March 2008
That's How Long? Eight months
Total Comments: 1,434
Overall Percentage: 2.56%
Reason For Apping/Dropping: ... Hisoka topped me into it. Also Terazuma was so amazingly dumb yet determined and well-meaning that I loved him. I dropped him due to a loss of interest in playing the character, but sometimes I get tempted to app him again becuase he was so much fun.
Select Option 3? DUMB RIVALRY WITH TSUZUKI also the playercest posts I did when I had Terazuma in my roster were super fun.

Cooro from "+Anima" (willcute4food)

App Percentage: 75.0%
Played From: August 2007 to present
That's How Long? Three years, four months
Total Comments: 8,045
Overall Percentage: 14.36%
Reason For Apping: Also Hisoka's fault. She introduced the canon to me and Shuichi and we all apped together and despite his app being one of my lowest percentages and his voice abysmal in it, Cooro's voice is now one that comes super easily to me. I haven't been playing him much recently though and a lot of his parently CR is gone, so I need to work on remedying that.
Select Option 3? I love his icons and the color-coding system we used to make all the +Anima kids match.

Asch from "Tales of the Abyss" (stolemypi)

App Percentage: 93.8%
Played From: October 2007 to Auguest 2009
That's How Long? One year, ten months
Total Comments: 4,198
Overall Percentage: 7.49%
Reason For Apping/Dropping: I initially hated Asch on my first play through the game. Hated him with a FIERY PASSION. And then I talked with Aviy about how I was playing ToA and she showed me Asch's gaiden. And then I read it and I felt horrible and I fell in love with Asch because suddenly he made SENSE to me. And I wanted him to get his own happy ending so badly. So then Aviy went 8DDD at me some more and I apped him. When I dropped him, I felt like I'd gotten stale with the character and I was unhappy with the fact that he wasn't really growing the way I'd hoped he would. So he went home.
Select Option 3? FLYING CABIN DAMN YOU DIST!!! Also my first time really using multiple forms of media for icons and it drove me crazy that they all didn't match perfectly.

Claude "K" Winchester from "Gravitation" (theycallmemrk)

App Percentage: 98.1%
Played From: December 2007 to August 2009
That's How Long? One year, eight months
Total Comments: 1,762
Overall Percentage: 3.14%
Reason For Apping/Dropping: I apped K to torture Shuichi. I dropped K because I was bored of torturing Shuichi. :Db
Select Option 3? ... I still love his icons so much. The yellow I used is kind of glaringly bright to me now, but the expressions themselves are amazing.

Lloyd Irving from "Tales of Symphonia" (doublepenetrate)

App Percentage: 96.2%
Played From: February 2008 to May 2009
That's How Long? One year, three months
Total Comments: 3,413
Overall Percentage: 6.09%
Reason For Apping/Dropping: Shuichi had apped in Raine the last counselor round and Hisoka was telling me how she was going to app Genis, so I decided to app Lloyd so I could punk Shuichi. So I reread the manga and ohmygod Lloyd was so dumb and HERO-y that I loved him. However I started to have voice issues with him and decided to drop him when I started to play him less and less.
Select Option 3? Playercesting Asch and Lloyd was some of the best fun I ever had. Also our Symphonia cast is amazing and I'm so glad they finally got a new Lloyd I LOVE YOU LLOYD.

Urataros from "Kamen Rider Den-O" (a_single_lie)

App Percentage: 97.8%
Played From: March 2008 to September 2008
That's How Long? Six months
Total Comments: 728
Overall Percentage: 1.30%
Reason For Apping/Dropping: I'd seen his human form on a friend's journal and decided to investigate this strange canon to find out more about who he was. So then I marathoned Den-O, topped Dee and our then-Soubi player to app with me, and bam. Rainbow plastic monsters in camp. However I was never quite smooth enough to play Urataros so I dropped him.
Select Option 3? I still love his canon like burning, I just can't play anyone from it cry.

Hosomi Kazuto from "Hitomi no Catoblepas" (flamingpileof)

App Percentage: 90.0%
Played From: June 2008 to August 2008
That's How Long? Two months
Total Comments: 222
Overall Percentage: 0.40%
Reason For Apping/Dropping: ... AJ topped me into it. I'm sticking to that story. As for dropping, this was a case of love the canon, can't play the characters. For Kazuto, it was really bad because it was voice and the fact that I couldn't get him to connect with anyone. Even canonmates.
Select Option 3? I'm dumb and still like his username.

Thobari Dulandal Kumohira from "Nabari no Ou" (ifiwasninvisble)

App Percentage: 100.0%
Played From: June 2008 to August 2009
That's How Long? One year, two months
Total Comments: 2,143
Overall Percentage: 3.82%
Reason For Apping/dropping: I loved Kumohira from the get-go when I started reading Nabari no Ou. He seriously hit all of my character pings, so I decided to app him because I had to have this Irish ninja. When I dropped him, it was because I had way too many characters and needed to cut down on some, plus he wasn't interesting for me to play at the time. I still debate reapping him as well, but I know I don't have the time to play more characters than I currently have. :(
Select Option 3? Every thread he ever had with Yuffie was amazing.

Kakizaki Kokera from "Urooboe Uroboros" (kakisomething)

App Percentage: 94.3%
Played From: November 2008 to March 2009
That's How Long? Four months
Total Comments: 325
Overall Percentage: 0.58%
Reason For Apping/Dropping: Also AJ's fault. She also made icons for him that were super pretty. However, he had such limited canon (damn you one-shots!!) and such a... standoffish/aloof personality that it was hard to get him integrated into camp. So I let him go.
Select Option 3? I still love his icons. And his expressions. And playing with AJ. :(

Trish from "Devil May Cry" (thedevilsmilf)

App Percentage: 95.1%
Played From: March 2009 to November 2009
That's How Long? Eight months
Total Comments: 703
Overall Percentage: 1.25%
Reason For Apping/Dropping: I was on a huge DMC kick at the time. Finished DMC1 and DMC3, loved 3 like burning, played 4 and loved everything ever. Dante is still my hero you guys. But yeah after all that I really wanted to play someone from DMC. We had a Dante at the time and while I initially wanted to app Nero, I was also playing Asch at the time and their personalities were just too similar. So I debated apping Trish. And then Lady found out and hunted me down and went 8) at me so I did. Trish's voice was hard for me though, I cannot play smooth operators, so I decided to drop her.
Select Option 3? I played a hot chick. Oh yeah.

Laon from "Laon" (imustlickit)

App Percentage: 92.0%
Played From: May 2009 to May 2010
That's How Long? One year
Total Comments: 1,943
Overall Percentage: 3.47%
Reason For Apping/Dropping: I was reading through random manga/manhwa and stumbled across Laon. After reading all of the translations that were available, I knew that Laon would be absolutely amazing to have in camp. So I apped it and it got in and I loved every single thing I did with it ever. Laon was really a character I could just have fun with, so when I stopped having fun with it, I dropped it.
Select Option 3? I got to play with so many people I never had before. I also got to play a reverse pedo trap, it was great.

Noyamano Rika from "Air Gear" (thornsinherhips)

App Percentage: 98.1%
Played From: July 2009 to November 2009
That's How Long? Four months
Total Comments: 272
Overall Percentage: 0.49%
Reason For Apping/Dropping: I loved our Air Gear cast and decided I wanted to app Rika for them, because they deserved one. However I was horrible at playing Rika and couldn't get her out outside of castmates and they deserved one so much better so I dropped her in the hopes that someday someone would reapp her.
Select Option 3? God I love her icons so much. They are everything I love about coloring icons.

Randy "Ryo" Maclean from "FAKE" (safetystayson)

App Percentage: 88.5%
Played From: February 2010 to June 2010
That's How Long? Four months
Total Comments: 349
Overall Percentage: 0.62%
Reason For Apping/Dropping: Dee was in camp again, as was JJ! So I decided I wanted Ryo again because I was missing him. ... And then I realized that I'd done everything I wanted to do with Ryo his first time around so I let him slip off quietly.
Select Option 3? I learned my lesson about reapps. :(

Kida Masaomi from "Durarara!!" (whatakida)

App Percentage: 98.2%
Played From: March 2010 to present
That's How Long? Nine months
Total Comments: 6,808
Overall Percentage: 12.15%
Reason For Apping: I was actually introduced to the DRRR!! anime through my anime club! And it was kinda interesting and really pretty but holy crap I loved Kida's character. He was adorable! So I sat and eagerly waited for each episode to come out and debated whether or not to wait for the series to end first before apping him. But then someone shared the DRRR timeline with me and I went AHHHH!! over the THINGS that happen to him and I knew I had to have him screw everyone else I was apping him now. NO REGRETS FOR SPOILING MYSELF and I love all of his CR and canonmates and everything I do with him and it's taken me over four years but I think I've finally found my forever character. Just. His comment count already is amazing and I'm not slowing down with him at all and I'm doing so many things with him I've never actually done in camp before (hi AJ!!!) and I'm sohappy with him and ahhhh!!!
Select Option 3? I love Kida you guys. So freaking much. Kida also brought me the gift of Pie \o/ Also his icons were my first real journey into the world of editing animated icons and oh my god cry I hate editing animated icons. Especially dimly lit room scenes.

Satou Jun from "Working!" (makingasandwich)

App Percentage: 78.8%
Played From: June 2010 to October 2010
That's How Long? Four months
Total Comments: 243
Overall Percentage: 0.43%
Reason For Apping/Dropping: Working! was another anime I got introduced to through the anime club at my school. It was super cute and I thought Satou would be super fun to play in camp. However I kind of failed at getting him out enough to really get him into camp, plus his type of character is one that was hard for me to play without canonmates to egg him on, so I let him go soon after.
Select Option 3? Confusing the One Piece cast was the greatest.

Sarge from "Red vs Blue" (sargeisms)

App Percentage: 96.1%
Played From: November 2010 to present
That's How Long? One month
Total Comments: 97
Overall Percentage: 0.17%
Reason For Apping: I found out about Red vs Blue in another game I played at and loved everyone in it. Sarge looked like the best character for camp though, so I decided to app him here! He's definitely a cracky, for-fun backburner character type, but I have no problems with that and will play him as such. His threads so far have been a blast, even though I'm still a bit nghh about his voice sometimes. It is a hard level of amazing to maintain.
Select Option 3? Must harass non-existent blue team. And also pimp his canon I DON'T EVEN WANT TO TOP PEOPLE INTO APPING, I JUST WANT PEOPLE TO WATCH IT.

Nero from "Devil May Cry" (sockthedevil)

App Percentage: 92.0%
Played From: December 2010 to present
That's How Long? Less than a month
Total Comments: 64
Overall Percentage: 0.11%
Reason For Apping: So remember when I said I couldn't app Nero because I had Asch? Yeah well uh that didn't apply anymore, so I. Apped Nero. I'm still super scared with his voice, but there are a lot of things I think I can do with him that I can't do with anyone else so I'm looking forward to it. Also touching Dante again. \o/
Select Option 3? HIS ICONS ARE A BITCH TO DO but I love it when one of them turns out ~perfect~


I've played here HOW long? 1,541 days
Overall Comment Count: 56,029
Average Comments Per Day: 36 comments/day
Shortest Kept: Kazuto (Two months) excluding my two most recent apps
Longest Kept: Cooro (Three years, four months)
Most Played: Cooro (8,045)
Least Played: Kazuto (219) excluding my two most recent apps
Highest Percentage: Kumohira (100%)
Lowest Percentage: Cooro (75.0%)
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